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Our Story
For the past two years, our team has been developing mobile apps including an innovative mobile ordering solution. However, in early 2016, we were struck by a lightning bolt that inspired us to drop everything and seize the opportunity it revealed. Two of our team members became new parents, and due to the mounting pressures of balancing parenting and working, they ended up quitting. In that moment, we realized that despite living in an age where many of our human needs are being met by software platforms and human concierges, parenting has somehow remained absent of any novel or revolutionary gains - through software, services, or otherwise.

So, long story short, we created Hiro - a personal assistant for new parents that better equips them with three pillars of parental support: proactive advice and information relevant to their baby's development, helpful recommendations to enable confident decision-making, and most importantly, emotional support to bring peace of mind that they're doing what's best for their children. We're working to empower a new evolution of parenting, and we hope you will join us on that journey.

Phillip Buckendorf & Xavier de Ryckel